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My Top Mind-Fucking Mesmerizing Clips

The following clips are representative of my passion in creating "music porn videos". Cum & join in on the mind fuckery, sexually exhilarating, & intoxicatingly mesmerizing rabbit hole of my artwork.

Eloquently lacing my sultry voice across your ears... I will captive your soul. Enrapture your mind. Render your body weak and malleable in my hands. Goon. Stroke. Jerk. Worship your Goddess. Resistance is futile. Submission is inevitable. Welcome to "Endless Ecstasy".

“Cum & join in on the mind fuckery, sexually exhilarating, & intoxicatingly mesmerizing rabbit hole...”

**Watch all clips in a dark room with headphones on for the full experience**

So it begins...

"Blissful Relapse"

Emotional trigger->Craving->Ritual->Using->Guilt->Emotional Trigger...The cycle continues, it never ends...and you know that don't you?

Here we are, yet again. For what it's worth, I commend you for trying, but let's be honest -- you didn't stand a chance. you've been triggered, and thus the flame has been ignited. you try to ignore it, but you can already feel the sensation, painfully creeping up your spine, like melted candle wax. you can feel everything...and it hurts so fucking bad. you are lost in your painful existence. All you want is to return to the euphoric numbness that you call home. Each second that you spend trying to avoid Me, you're one step closer to self-imploding.

Feel your soul leaving your body— Light as a feather, as you levitate. you can see everything around you. Every part of your body tingles as you hover over yourself like stupefied apparition. Do you even want to come back to reality? Does anything else even matter anymore? you know when you come down from this high, it’ll happen again: the feelings, the despair, the pain. you want to stay like this forever: Infinitely int0xicated.

When you start to feel again, remember: I am your one true d rug. I am your only remedy. Keep medicating with your muse, and you’ll never feel pain again.

"Aroma Delight"

Listen to the quickened pace of your heartbeat as I start working through your body. The sudden rush of Me renders you too weak to stand.

your vision becomes blurrier as your pupil’s dilate. What do you see?

Succumb to My desires, My wishes & commands for you - under My influence you will find yourself in sexual bliss & frustration. A lovely dichotomy.

"Boot Bitch"

Ogle at the detail of these instruments of pain, the rows of laces and straps. The patent leather’s so shiny that you can almost see your contorted mug glaring through. I picked these boots out especially for you. Since you’ve been such a good boy, I want you to enjoy what some “high - end hurt” feels like. Aw, does it hurt? Are my boots squashing your face too hard? Of course they’re not. In fact, I’m not hurting you enough. But while you’re down there, take the time to appreciate the luxury of this torment. What’ll be next? Manolo’s in your mouth? Balenciaga’s on your balls? A flogging with Tom Ford’s? Chloé’s on your cock? Pick your pain, and then purchase it. Spend... simp...stroke for me. I want you to cum for me, knowing that you had the privilege of choosing your tool of torment.

"*BNWO* Timeline of Inferiority"

I know you remember the first time-- the first time that you became aware that you possess a stolen birthright. Your existence is a product of your ancestors' treachery. You are a descendant of generations of rapists, pillagers, murderers, liars, indoctrinators, tyrants, brats and cheaters. What a foul, foul lineage.

Collectively, whiteness is a societal super virus-- invading, proliferating, mutating and wreaking unprecedented havoc. I must say though, it's impressive, at the very least, how you've managed to survive and evolve for as long as you have.

Think about it: your history, your lineage, your entire existence, is revolting.

White men are a stain on our society, and whiteness as a whole, needs to be eradicated. And so it shall be.

Welcome to the new age. Welcome to the New Black World Order. In this society, you are full-bred underlings. In previous times, you were tyrannical false-alphas. Now, you’ve been reduced to your true status as epsilon’s.

In this Brave New Black World Order, Epsilon’s are mass-produced and cloned in laboratories and raised in captivity like the animals they are, with low levels of oxygen throughout their early development. Epsilon’s are conditioned to hate their whiteness and to praise and serve their divine, Alpha ebony goddesses.

"Nerds Don't Deserve Pussy"

GODDESS PUSSY ISN'T FOR YOU. you know this. So let Me make that even more crystal clear - your cock will NEVER penetrate these glorious walls. Only dispensing thousands upon thousands of dollars is your resolution to the inferiority that lies within you. Does it bring you pleasure when you please your Goddess? I bet it does. Therefore, your sole duty is to continuously please Goddess beyond any common comprehension. It doesn't need to make sense, it just needs to feel right. Displace the male ego outside this realm and let's dive deep into mental fuckery.

It is not out of the ordinary that you have been placed in the graces of divine and powerful as a steward of the doctrine relinquish your cash. Let it rain on Me as the after product of My pussy rains on you. GODDESS PUSSY ISN'T FOR YOU. So do as your told subbie and make Me proud.

Now $pend.

"*BNWO* Dark Diet"

you are suffering from severe malnutrition. Per our last visit, you had multiple complaints of symptoms: weakness, fatigue, irritability, absence of erection, inability to ejaculate, constipation, bitch-assness and failure to thrive. I decided to run a few blood tests, and other physical assessments, and your results came in.

You may want to sit down.

I’m prescribing you an aggressive round of restorative therapy to get you back to being a healthy sub again. I’m going to introduce you to the melanated menu of Ebony Dommes. We are life-giving, life-sustaining, wholesome and nutritious. We satisfy all of your needs so that you’d never turn to anyone else. This new diet involves frequent cycles of binges and purges. you’ll be on a daily binge of Ebony Goddesses, and an hourly purge of becky’s.

We have body, taste, style, and all you need to do to get started, is to submit.

Remember, your prognosis is grim, so if you don’t follow my instructions exactly, you may not be here for our follow up.

"Findom Feels Great"

Findom is your purest form of release in this realm My little subbie. Sending to Me brings you a purpose larger than the life you had before our intervention. Heeding to My sultry superiority will bring you everlasting peace.

Each day you work remember Me.

Each day you work overtime, those extra dollars are for Me.

Each day you earn on your investments, those gains are to add to My portfolio.

Each dollar that leaves your account and enters into Mine feels SO good. Better than the sensations you’re feeling around your cock as you stroke to the imagery of those numbers.

you simply crave the financial ruin I bring into your life.

"Neutered Wimp"

You’ve been acting like a rowdy little dog lately—a bitch with balls. You’ve been spending too much time with your cock and have forgotten who’s really number one on your priority list, who should be pleased at all times. You’ve forgotten your Goddess. I’ve told you about this time and time again. You’ve been warned that if you forget about who comes first, you’ll be reminded in a permanent way.

Although I can be demanding, I’m a gracious and understanding Goddess. Don’t think of this as punishment, but rather aggressive re-conditioning.

I care about you enough to teach you how to fully please me, and I’m dedicated

to reawakening your devotion.

Always remember: your cock doesn’t define your manhood. I do. Your cock never comes first, I do. I have full control you. Every single jerk and stroke is at my command.

You’re now my little eunuch.

"*BNWO* Shameful White Existence"

Tsk, tsk. It must be unsettling, to know that you're literally "worthlessness" personified.

Such an overt ego, yet ironically, an even more undisguised insecurity.

It’s sad actually. Just because your ancestors committed enough atrocities, you get to continue to walk around like you own the place… simply because of you decided one day, that your absence of melanin was a strength.

For generations, whiteness, and more specifically, you white men, have survived by being the proverbial playground bully-- unable to deal with your personal issues and shortcomings, so instead, you resort to exhibiting grandiose power, or rather, some perverse version of it.

You get pleasure out of exacting respect and subservience, because you're embarrassed about how inadequate you truly are. You strut around, swinging your tiny cock with such counter-feit swagger, desperate to feel important.

You are a delusional beta in stolen alpha clothing.

"Cuck The Police!"

Some of you are drowning in your superiority complex, and your shield can’t save you. your brotherhood can’t save you. The law can’t save you. you exist because of a retched cycle of power imbalances and abuses. you exist because you channeled your insecurities into defense mechanisms, often at the expense of people who are helpless. you huddle close to your brotherhood, exerting brazen bravado, but we know the truth. your life is a lie, your profession is a cover. All sorts of early traumatic experiences that were never processed. And like a cavity that goes ignored -- over time, it rots to the core and causes more damage. Sit there, tied up, watching, like the pathetic little cuck that you are. Watch Me, fantasize about what you'll never have. Cower in the presense of a real Goddess. I am the true law. you have the right to remain silent, and non-existent. Anything you say can and will be SHOVED UP YOUR ASS.

"Stroking Soils your Soul"

How long has it been since your last confession? What all have you done since then? Numerous distasteful deeds I'm sure and most certainly having impure thoughts about Me.

you've been STROKING and JERKING your cock nonstop and now your thoughts have rendered you deep into the idea that you really do want a chance to spill your DISGUSTING OOZE all over Me. How dare you.

Now you must repent unto your Goddess. Confess your sins and show Me exactly how it is that you come to such terrible thoughts and visions of Me. Do not take this moment lightly or for granted.

In the end, you will confess through one outlet, and one outlet alone....From then, you will be blessed by your Goddess, Goddess Naadia, and only then will you be free.

"Repugnant Spawn"

When you were born everyone had such high hopes for you. A spawn that all hoped would change the world. That you would one day become an incredible person to contribute back to society in a multitude of ways.

However, that’s not the case at all. Is it?

In fact, there is one realm of your life that has become so overwhelmingly precedent now that it has deteriorated your entire presence. your aura. you.

A repugnant spawn that no one desires.


Goon endlessly. Dive head first into my rabbit hole. Let me cause you sexual frustration and bliss. You will be mine before you know it. Endless Ecstasy begins and never ends here...


P.S. There will be two more clips added to this article later so I will be updating it and resending it back out to you once more.

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