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Cabin In The Mountains

After an insane 2020 I set off to the mountains of California for a week long stay-cation in an exquisite wooded cabin. Binged on documentaries, embodied chef Naadia and filmed 16 incredibly steamy clips!

Venturing out to thirty/forty degree weather for six days is not necessarily my ideal vacation, however it had been quite some time since I had last seen snow. Also, this AirBnb is just so stinking cute, look at those windows! Upon arrival I decided to get Mewz and myself comfortable and just relax by the fireplace watching documentaries on random ass shit. We started with Selena but ended up watching The Good Place through the rest of the night.

That next morning we headed out on a grocery adventure which ended miserably. Our drive home was three times longer due to four back to back accidents on a two-lane high way.

Anyway the rest of the trip‘s evenings were filled with laughter and love. Now to discuss the best part..filming 16 sexy clips!

It took some time but I brought several sets of outfits and always have an on going list of clip ideas. Once I started crossing lines and putting things together I have 16 uniquely different clips. The notebook looks like someone is speaking to aliens but it was an essential tool to my entire execution process. The total filming time was a little over 5.5 hours. The preparation and set up beforehand was an additional 3 hours.

“Once I started crossing lines and putting things together I have 16 uniquely different clips.”

In the end, I was OVER IT. The sun had set and the lighting was starting to get terribly draining. I decided to knock out my last few in the two downstairs room and then called it a night watching Planet Earth.

As a recap on some of the clips I filmed:

  1. Several BNWO clips - with Black History Month coming up and Black Lives Matter STILL extremely relevant...I dedicated half of my recorded clips on this list to the Black New World Order category.

  2. Cuckolding - I love a good old cuckolding roleplay so I decided to record a few. One of which is courtesy of @NaadiasPuppet, on Twitter. I inquired with him and a few other subs of mine about their ”fantasies” for inspiration for clip creation. Now here we are with more than two cuckolding clips.

  3. Cum Eating Instructions - Slurpty, slurp time little losers of Naadia. I know you’re hungry and you’re already late for dinner. ;)

  4. Jerk Off Instructions - Of course there’s no escaping the old fashion ”jay-oh-eye”. In several of my videos I conduct coundowns and encourage you to stroke your membrane to please me.

  5. Several other surprises...

The End

Last morning in the cabin I sat back and enjoyed my morning 420 cruise on the wooded patio. It’s always so quite early in the mornings, some of my favorite hours of the day...

On the way home I was able to capture a few gorgeous photos (I’ll share below) and the air was FAR more crisp and clean that dirty LA. However, I love returning home to my lovely emerald green couches and sky rise view of the city lights.


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