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How This All Started...

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Moving to Los Angeles to become a full time dominatrix was not what I initially expected.


Traveling cross country in my 2015 all white Honda making two pits stops only: Albuquerque to sleep for four hours and the Grand Canyon because who doesn’t stop by the Grand Canyon when it’s on the way? I also want to add, the Grand Canyon is such a splendid place and I look forward to my first camping excursion there. Once the high of the Grand Canyon was over, it was back to business and within hours I was entering the city limits of Los Angeles, California. A new and exciting place I now call “home”!

Ever since my freshman year of college I knew I wanted to live in “sunny California”. It was never a matter of if, but rather when. I would travel to LA 4+ times per year for birthdays, holidays and just to vacation. After a while it seemed a little ridiculous to keep denying the inevitable so I decided to pick up my career and transfer my financial advising business to the west coast - haven’t looked back once (except when thinking about the 20 bedroom mansion I could own versus my current 800 sqft apartment when thinking of rent).


It all started with a roadtrip to Mexico in August of 2019. I decided to take my car down to Mexico for my closest friend’s birthday weekend. While cruising down the coast she played a podcast channel titled “WHORE-ible Decisions” and it was an episode discussing the matters of “cash meets”/findom. Safe to say...I was blown away.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, I told my vanilla friend that I dived in and I am actually really enjoying it! Fast forward again, it’s over one year later, and I am a top featured star on AVN, a top clip artist on iWC and just getting started with ManyVids and Clips4Sale.


Each day is different than the last which keeps my mind and skills flowing and engaged. I spend most days thinking in a creative space for clips and sessions. I intentionally focus my energy and time on becoming a better version of myself for myself and the others I have influence over. Whether it is through self-reflection, seeking constructive feedback or the “universe” teaching her lessons as usual - I enjoy it all. The more I improve, the more my empire fortifies.

“The more I improve, the more my empire fortifies. ”

Outside of kink I am reading up on random topics and current events, conversing/mentoring friends/family, doing something art-sy, or binge watching a mentally stimulating show or movie.

Looking for the next best thing to get my hands into that gets me going and makes me happy! Plus amazing vegan food!

What’s Next.

Living the most intentional life possible. I always say, “Make today so amazing that yesterday gets jealous”.


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