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London 2023: High Tea, Femdom Ball & Sessions

From 5 October to 9 October I will be in London attending the incredible Femdom Ball hosted by the iconic Madame Caramel. Last year's high tea brought Me immense joy being surround by other beautiful Superior Women where We built connections while enjoying the tastiest morsels. As I plan this year's outfit (High Tea 2022: Mugler) it will be sure to include a gorgeous cocktail dress, long gloves, a fascinator and, of course, some fur. As for the Femdom Ball, just like last year I still do not have My gown planned out. However, this year I plan to have My gown in advance leaving Me plenty of time to finalize My list of "prey" for sessions.

Those subscribed to My fan-site will receive exclusive sneak peaks of My London adventures and have the opportunity to partake in My London Live Stream.

Outside of all the kinky fun there will be some alone time where I will be exploring more of London's hidden gems. My goodness, that castle is so...underwhelming. Hopefully this time the weather is warmer and the food tastes better. The Checklist (and no, I do not want your suggestions on things to do): Barbican Conservatory, Secret Garden, Postman's Park, The London Dungeon, M&M Store, Lego Store, Park Row Afternoon Tea, Dabbers Social Bingo, Sandbox VR, Twist Museum and list goes on. SO excited to embark on this adventure, part two!

I will only be available for real time sessions on 6 October and 9 October at a local dungeon. If you are interested in booking a session with your Goddess you will need to book in advance (only available same day for cash meets). you’ll need to cover My Uber/taxi from My hotel to the dungeon, the dungeon rental cost, plus My session rate. Ensure that you have looked closely at My session interests, clearly outline the type of session you seek (within those parameters) and patiently wait for My response. If O/our interests and availability align, W/we will discuss session rates.

I look forward to abusing you in a very special way - the way you deserve.


Muse Naadia

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