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Made my dreams come true & bought my childhood dream car!!!

Made my dreams come true & bought my childhood dream car!!!

This time last year I was experiencing some of the most depressing days of my life (TikTok on my page of me venting, WOW how life can take a turn for the BETTER!!!!). The people around me became extremely accustomed to taking advantage of me and their sense of entitlement with me became egregious, disrespectful and unwarranted. However, I have officially severed ties with every single person that ruined my life, made it toxic, or did not serve me positively…Now I wake up every day feeling extreme joy, peace, liberation, appreciation and love!!

I am constantly surrounded by people who LOVE, APPRECIATE, SUPPORT AND CELEBRATE ME & my wins, as if they are their own! Where we can ALL be our most authentic selves without fear of judgement, and receive the energy we respectfully deserve.

NO MORE entitlement, selfish motives, praying on my downfall, hating from afar & fake in my face, liars, scammers, weirdos…NO MORE.

Several years of sacrifice and hard fucking work made this car happen.

First generation born from Ethiopia.

Broke as fuck childhood.

Graduated college with loads of debt & zero clarity on my future.

Started my business in 2016 (financial advising).

Moved to LA in 2019, unexpectedly.

Started next business in 2019 (media production).

Sold first company’s, book of business in 2019.

Personally debt free in 2020.

Retired my mom in 2020.

Family and I entirely debt free in 2020.

Next is to purchase my mom her dream home (and maybeeeee starting dating more seriously in ENM relationship dynamics 🤭).

I'm so grateful and beyond proud of myself.

It just goes to show no matter how badly people want you to fail…as long as you mind your business, wish em well ALWAYS (I have NEVER been the type to wish ill on anyone ever, it’s not healthy or safe), and get busy betting rich…you will ALWAYS win in the end.

To my haters (good thing you’re still reading): EFF YOU AND EAT DIRT. leave me tf alone with your wasted efforts and energy. Spend more time on your business than in mine ..and maybe, just maybe, youll finally learn a thing or two. Also go get therapy, you’re unwell.

To my friends (I can count on one hand) and family: imma keep it simple, ILYSM 🫶🏾

* Car Journey: Sally from the movie Cars fascinated me in my childhood (2006) so I made a commitment to my younger self to work hard and get yourself your own “Sally”. I started looking at Porsche’s in May of 2023 more intently. Started the active buying search in October of 2023. Watching endless YT and Tiktok videos on the type I wanted and how to avoid being scammed at dealerships for months and months on end. Looking for other people (mainly Black Women) reviewing their Porches. MY GOODNESS IT IS HARD FINDING BLACK WOMEN WITH A PORSCHE ON THIS APP (tag me in any you find please!)…Ive only found three and I just want to see moremoremoreeee. Black Women Luxury is what i LOVEEEE to see!! After 6 months of waiting, looking for the best deals/specials at Porsche dealership, this week was THE BEST SPECIAL EVER!!! I still canNOT believe I was spending more on my little POS tesla 😂 Anyway, the special I received on this car was toooo perfect to pass up. Everything with price and insurance aligned so perfectly(and there were lots of angel numbers 2/22 4:44) I was excited to finally seal the deal. Apparently Porsche is a hard company to get approved which makes sense (with only 7500 sold nationally all of last year) so your girl is feeling like a REAL IRS-PAYING BOSS GODDESS (god i hate uncle-sam)!

Cheers to me 🥂


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